Coastal Activities

Kangaroo Island's coastline has everything!
From surf-pounded cliffs to becalmed coves and
famous sweeps of sand to secret rocky inlets.

Yet in spite of the diversity, you don't have to travel far to enjoy spectacular contrasts.
The possibilities for recreation are equally diverse - surfers, fishermen, wreck-divers, wildlife lovers and
of course people who simply love to feel sand between their toes, they all relish the Island fringes.

Marine Activities

 A marine tour will allow you to explore the underwater world, gain an insight into the lives of dolphins, coastal birds or even a chance encounter with seals.

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Fishing & Boating

Whether you want to dangle a line from a jetty, cast a line from one of the numerous beaches, or charter a deep-sea boat, the Island offers excellent fishing spots for all to enjoy.

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Beaches and Coast


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Sailing & Cruising

Clear water, sandy beaches, isolated coves and impressive scenery can all be enjoyed while sailing the waters of Kangaroo Island. 

 Many little bays on the East Coast have all year-round sheltered cruising for day sailing, and the north coast provides numerous spectacular anchorages on longer voyages. Overnight mooring is available in Penneshaw at Christmas Cove. 
Self registration is available on arrival. Annual Christmas Cove boat launching permits are available from the
Penneshaw Business Centre, located at the Australian Post Office in Middle Terrace, Penneshaw: (08) 8553 1011.

Scuba Diving

The waters off Kangaroo Island provide some of the best temperate-water diving in Australia.

Descending to 20-24 metres, walls of Gorgonia corals, red, orange and white sponges are impressive. To add to the kaleidoscope of colour are some equally magnificent fish: Blue Devil, Harlequin, Truncate coralfish and Boarfish. A spectacular sight is the elusive Leafy Sea-dragon that is endemic to these waters. Over 50 recorded shipwrecks have occurred around the Island's coastline, ranging from the 5,000-tonne freighter, Portland Maru, wrecked in 1935, to the 500-tonne sailing barque, Fides, wrecked in 1860. While not all of these wrecks are accessible, there are some opportunities to view part of the Island's tragic past. For more information on Kangaroo Island's Ship Wrecks, view the below PDF.

Ship Wrecks Trails (download PDF)

Although beaches are beautiful, there are some dangers associated with open ocean. Beware of rips and undertows. Seek advice from locals on current conditions. Shark attacks, although rare, have occurred in waters around the world and indeed around the Australian coastline. If diving, adhere to the usual diving rules. Advise someone of your whereabouts and dive with a 'buddy'.
Use common sense, and enjoy the Island's beautiful beaches.


A well-kept secret is the quality and quantity of
uncrowded surf-breaks around the Island.

 Stokes Bay, Vivonne Bay and Pennington Bay are suitable for beginners; however, the beach breaks can often produce quality waves for more advanced surfers. There are numerous surfing spots around the Island for experienced surfers and most are accessible by car. Kangaroo Island's surf is unpolluted and uncrowded, and you are requested to respect the environment and the locals!


Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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